Andrew Pride

Chair of the Standing Committee on Energy Efficiency, Codes Canada and Principle Consultant, Andrew Pride Consulting

Andrew Pride is a strategic advisor and technical expert who creates long-term vision with sustainable strategies. With years of pragmatic executive experience in green building design and energy efficiency, Andrew's unique qualifications allows him to bridge business needs, social responsibility and brand value. He passionately researches, analyzes, develops and promotes multi-faceted stakeholder-centric solutions with a keen focus on measurable results.

In addition to Andrew’s consulting business, he is the Chair of the Standing Committee on Energy Efficiency– the group responsible for all national energy codes in Canada - the National Energy Code for Buildings, and the energy section (9.36.) of the National Building Code. Andrew will help foster in a Net-Zero-Energy-Ready building code. Previously, he was the Vice President of Conservation for the Ontario Power Authority, creating the award-winning Save on Energy brand and overseeing a $3 billion energy efficiency budget.