Dave Fox

Applied Solutions, Team Lead, Enviro-Stewards

Dave Fox is an environmental scientist who has worked in the oil and gas industry, brownfield and industrial site remediation and currently works with Canada’s largest food and beverage manufacturers managing Enviro-Stewards’ Applied Solutions team. Specializing in process improvement with a focus on water and food ingredient loss, Dave has implemented projects that have significantly reduced overhead costs for Enviro-Stewards' clients. In 2019 Dave was awarded the Clean 50 ‘Emerging Leader’ award for managing ‘Food Waste + Loss’ projects at 50 unique food manufacturing facilities which saved over 9,250 metric tons of food, working out to an average of 185 tons of edible food, worth over $225,000 per facility, per year. Dave holds a degree in Environment from the University of Waterloo and a Masters of Science from McGill.