Karen Daniels

Senior Analyst, Nova Scotia Department of Energy and Mines

As a Senior Analyst with the Nova Scotia Department of Energy and Mines, Karen's primary focus is efficient equipment, which includes the Energy-Efficient Appliances Regulations and the departments responsibilities under Build Smart Canada Buildings Strategy, such as energy benchmarking and labelling programs and higher efficiency standards for appliances and equipment. Prior to working for the Government of Nova Scotia, Karen worked for the Government of British Columbia mostly in financial analyst roles until she found her niche a the Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources. In this role, she was primarily responsible for the research and development of policies and legislation that address the government's commitment to reducing carbon monoxide emissions by 33% by 2020. 

Prior to moving to BC, Karen earned her Bachelor's degrees in Biology and Environmental Studies, followed by a Masters Degree in Public Administration.

In her spare time, Karen enjoys spending time with her nieces and nephew, doing things such as hiking, swimming, watching scary movies and t.v. shows.  Karen also enjoys getting caught up in pop culture and cooking.